January – May Walks Programme 2024

Further details are available from our Secretary, Stella.


Sunday 7th January 2024Gill & John
G. 07496298891
Abington Piggots - 5.5 Miles Meet at
The Pig & Abbot public house, High Street, Abington Piggots. SG8 0DS
Sunday 21st January 2024Christine & Tina
C. 07724339326
T. 07563302865
Grantchester - 5 MilesMeet at
The Red Lion public house, 33 High Street, Grantchester. CB3 9NF
Sunday 4th February 2024Ian T. & Gill
I. 07818076338
G. 07496298891
Chrishall - 6. MilesMeet at
The Red Cow public house, 11 High Street, Chrishall. SG8 8RN
Sunday 18th February 2024Eddie & Denis
E. 07979284884
D. 07743176573
Newport - 5.5 MilesMeet at
The Coach and Horses public house, Cambridge Road, Newport, Essex CB11 3TR
Sunday 3rd March 2024Carolyn & Jacqui
C. 07811510230
J. 07871103507
Willingham - 6 MilesMeet at
The Willingham Auction Tea Rooms, 25 High Street, Willingham. CB24 5ES
Sunday 17th March 2024Mary & Sally
M. 07770575840
S. 07426944956
Fowlmere - 5 MilesMeet at
The Chequers public house, High Street, Fowlmere. SG8 7SR
Sunday 31st March 2024
Stella & Peter
S. 07930951703
P. 07956993477
Weston - 5.5 MilesMeet at
The Cricketers Weston public house, Damask Road, Weston. SG4 7DA
Sunday 14th April 2024Mike & Amy
A. 07828167176
M. 07828060336
Saint Neots - 6 MilesMeet at
Riverside Carpark, 26 The Paddock, Eaton Ford, Saint Neots. PE19 7SA
Sunday 28th April 2024Gill & John
G. 07496298891
Henham - 6.5 MilesMeet at
The Cock Inn, Church Street, Henham. CM22 6AL
Sunday 12th May 2024Ian T. & Peter
I. 07818076338
P. 07956993477
Rushden - 6 MilesMeet at
St Marys Church, SG9 0SG
Sunday 26th May 2024Angela & Louise
L. 07835456310
Needingworth - 5.5 MilesMeet at
The Pike and Eel Hotel, Overcote Lane, Needingworth. PE27 4TW.

June – September Walks Programme 2024

Sunday 9th June 2024Lesley A & Alan
L. 07734111225
A. 07884081715
Whitwell - 5 Miles Meet at
Whitwell Recreation Ground, Bradway, Whitwell, Hitchin, Herts.
Sunday 23rd June 2024Clive & Ali H
A. 07867661329
Haslingfield - 5 MilesMeet at
The Village Green under the Elizabeth sign. High Street, Haslingfield. CB23 1JW
Sunday 30th June 2024
Stella & Peter
S. 07930951703
P. 07956993477
Duxford - 5.5 MilesMeet at
Brewery Field, St Johns Street, Duxford, Cambs. CB22 4RA
Sunday 7th July 2024Carolyn & Jacqui
C. 07811510230
J. 07871103507
Little Paxton - 6.4 MilesMeet at
The Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, High Street, Little Paxton. PE19 6ET
Sunday 21st July 2024Christine & Jane
C. 07724339326
J. 07908010620
Barton - 5 MilesMeet at
Barton Recreation Ground, High Street, Barton, Cambs. CB23 7BG
Sunday 4th August 2024Eddie & Denis
E. 07979284884
D. 07743176573
Steeple Bumpstead - 6 MilesMeet at
The Village Hall, 9 Finchingfield Road, Steeple Bumpstead. CB9 7EA
Sunday 18th August 2024Ian T. & Gill
I. 07818076338
G. 07496298891
Ashwell - 5.5 MilesMeet at
The Recreation Ground, 17 Lucas Lane, Ashwell. SG7 5LN
Sunday 1st September 2024
Stella & Peter
S. 07930951703
P. 07956993477
Long Melford - 6 Miles a.m. optional 2 miles p.m.
Meet at
Church Walk, Long Melford. CO10 9DL
Sunday 15th September 2024Gill & John
G. 07496298891
Hatley St George - 5.5 MilesMeet in
The Lay-by, Main Street, Hatley St George. SG19 3HW
Sunday 29th September 2024Chris & Brian
C. 07907664565
B. 07909837031
Reach - 5 MilesMeet at
Dykes End public house, Fair Green, Reach. CB25 0JD