Comberton Ramblers are affiliated to The Ramblers, who are the largest walkers rights organisation in Great Britain.  They aim to represent the interests of walkers (or ramblers) and have over a 100,000 members, involved in over 500 groups nationwide as well as over 300 affiliated organisations. 

The Ramblers is a charitable organization, which believes that walking can have a positive impact on people’s lives, and that rambling in the countryside is a right and that it benefits the whole of British society. It also argues that Britain’s network of public paths is an invaluable part of its national heritage and that the relevant authorities have a duty to invest in them.

Since its inception, The Ramblers have campaigned for full rights of responsible access to all of Britain’s green spaces, and this helped create the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (the CRoW Act). While access in Scotland had traditionally been more liberal than in other parts of the United Kingdom, the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 extended these rights so as to make Scotland, along with the Nordic countries, among the most walking-friendly countries in Europe, with walkers having the right to access virtually all land.

The aims of The Ramblers are:

  1. To promote walking
  2. To safeguard paths
  3. To increase access for walkers
  4. To protect the countryside
  5. To educate the public

You can find more information on The Ramblers at their website.  

Comberton Ramblers affiliation to The Ramblers brings us:

  1. The opportunity for affiliates to purchase Hiscox civil liability insurance at a specially negotiated price – We have taken up this opportunity.
  2. A free subscription for the Club to the quarterly Ramblers magazine Walk.
  3. Opportunities to help shape local Ramblers policy – e.g. access, footpath monitoring.
  4. An invitation to members of affiliated clubs to participate in Ramblers walking festivals.