Update on Walks Programme

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Dear members

I hope this finds you all well as we slowly emerge from lockdown.  Most, if not all of us, are now fully vaccinated whilst England, as a whole, is now moving through a gradual easing of Covid restrictions. This national timetable appears, so far, to be proceeding to schedule.   Whilst daily numbers of new Covid cases are now relatively low they are still with us and there is also some emerging uncertainty regarding new Covid variants (“Indian”) now appearing in various locations across UK so we are not out of the woods yet.  As the country moves towards re-opening, we must all therefore remain vigilant and cautious.

In the light of the above, the Club Committee discussed how we should proceed with the Spring/Summer walks programme that was restarted on May 2nd.  We unanimously concluded that the Club should continue with the existing approach of limiting walk numbers to a maximum of 20 for the two remaining walks in May (16th and 30th).  

Assuming there is no significant change in government guidance by the end of May we propose to then increase the upper limit to 25 participants on each walk from June onwards.  The current system of booking places will be maintained for these walks so that we can continue to support the national track and trace programme. 

Whilst, individually, it looks like we will all be able to once again enter a pub or restaurant from May 17th, large groups such as ours will clearly not be permitted until June 21st at the very earliest.  The Committee has taken the view that, as a group, we should therefore maintain our policy of avoiding using pubs or restaurants for all our remaining walks in the current programme.  Individuals can (from May 17th) of course make their own arrangements, in accordance with government guidelines, to use pubs after a walk if they wish.

I am very hopeful that when we start the Autumn walks programme in September, we will be in a position to return to something close to the “normal” sociable rambles we all enjoyed pre-Covid.  The Committee will, of course, keep monitoring what is happening with Covid over the next few months and respond accordingly.   In the meantime, I hope we can make the most of our opportunities to get out and about in the countryside. 

Regards to you all


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